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Why is HimalaSalt™ the Best Himalayan Salt?

HimalaSalt™ is perfect for people who want to include salt in their diet, but are aware of the health risks associated with refined table salt, and wary of sea salts from today's polluted oceans.

All-natural, unrefined, with no additives, HimalaSalt™ provides natural trace minerals our bodies require for wellbeing, and is precisely the kind of whole, natural substance our bodies were designed to be nourished by, that otherwise cannot be obtained. HimalaSalt is not heat treated like other salts, which destroys delicate essential trace minerals.

Know What You are Eating
Common Table Salt is an industrial by-product, stripped by chemical processing of all elements except sodium and chloride - detrimental to health in isolated form. Anti-caking and flow agents are added, yet the FDA Code 21CFR101.100(a)(3), does not require their disclosure to consumers. Table salt comes from the same lots as vacuum-refined industrial salt and is treated with caustic soda or lime to remove all traces of magnesium salts, which are important for health.

Important minerals are removed because they provide large corporations with staggering profits for use in agricultural and industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ammunitions, and other unsustainable industries.

After extreme chemical processing and heated at up to 1200 degrees, table salt cannot support health and no longer combines with our body fluids.  Table salt can also cause a deficiency of important essential trace minerals, which are abundantly present in HimalaSalt.

The fear of salt has arisen from consumer alerts that advise reduced consumption of salt and foods that have a high sodium content.  Consumers deserve to know that this is not the whole truth, that it's really about quality vs. quantity.

Pure salt is essential to life.  The body is made from water and minerals, and all critical functions of the body require these essential minerals and trace elements, which are no longer present in table salt or heat treated sea salt.  Table salt is in most all processed, packaged foods, including drinks, candy, snacks, ice cream, cheese, processed meats, etc.  Eliminating processed foods and table salt from your diet is important for health. By using HimalaSalt, rich with over 80 essential trace elements and high in magnesium, calcium, and iron, you can obtain easily assimilated essential minerals and alkalize your body, which is baseline for wellness.

Sea Salt comes from oceans that in our lifetime, have become heavily polluted. Growing dead zones and the mix of mercury, heavy metals, and toxins from agricultural chemicals, industrial runoff, nuclear waste, raw sewage and more, have compromised all ocean life.  HimalaSalt™ has been protected for millions of year in the remote, pristine Himalayas, and is Pre-People, Pre-Pollution.  HimalaSalt contains a full spectrum of whole essential minerals and delicious flavor that supports wellbeing and adds delicious flavor to sumptuous meals.
Why is HimalaSalttrade the Best Himalayan Salt
Why is HimalaSalt™ the Best Himalayan Salt?