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Organic Pink Peppercorns

Organic Pink Peppercorns
Our Organic Pink Peppercorns from Brazil are sustainably hand-harvested, helping to preserve the indigenous coastal forests of Brazil, along with a migratory butterfly path. Highly prized for their zesty, sweet, citrusy flavor, these Peppercorns, which are actually tree berries of the Bais Rose, are softly spicy.

In keeping with our commitment to ethical, sustainable sourcing, our harvest is governed by the Brazilian Forestry Commission, where we harvest no more than 20% of the bais rose tree branches annually to ensure the health of the coastal forest, and to create a long-term sustainable industry for the local communities. Our harvest alone has created over 300 jobs for local native people, and is an important source of income in these incredibly beautiful, yet poverty stricken areas.

Why Organic?

Our Pink Peppercorns are certified organic by QAI, and are the cleanest, most fragrant, delicious pink peppercorns available.  Conventional pink peppercorns, on the other hand, are sprayed with PE3, a known toxin.

Environmental Facts and Quality Seals

Our Organic Peppercorns are available in 100% recyclable, refillable Grinders and bulk bags, are made by 100% Green-e Certified Wind Power, and are Kosher Certified by Organized Kashrush.  5% of profits go to the environment and source communities, and are artisan produced in small batches to ensure superior flavor and freshness.

Serving Suggestions

Elegantly season, blend, grate, grind, and and finish your favorite dishes, sauces, fruites, and comfort foods. Delicious on mango, fish, roasted vegetables, grills, sandwiches.Great rolled on soft cheese and served on agarlic and basil crostini, sprinkle on warm chocolate, grilled salmon!!  Visit our Recipe Section.

Sustainable Sourcing Organic Pink Peppercorns are available in refillable, recyclable Grinders, Spice Tin Refills, and in Bulk.  Visit our Shop.

Organic Pink Peppercorns